M24 Chaffee - G200 Series of Vehicles

M41 Series Sprocket & Hub Assembly


M18 Drive Hub Sprocket Assembly 

​2 separate pieces

M24 Drive Hub and Sprockets

3 separate pieces

More Myths and track facts...M18 & M24

M24 T85E1 rubber track can be used on the M18 Hellcat. But the entire sprocket and hub must be changed (from original). This is a post war modification just as the M24 was modified post war for rubber track (by replacing the sprockets). M24s came from the factory with T72 Series Steel Track.

Detail - The M24 series tanks have a "drive hub" and sprockets. Sprockets are removable, either for steel track or rubber track. They BOLT to this "drive hub". Because as mentioned above there are two different sprockets & tracks available for the M24.

M18 Hellcat does not have a drive hub  and bolt on sprockets. It has two separate halves that bolt together to make one complete drive sprocket assembly. The "sprocket" (toothed part) is welded to the hub as an assembly. This is not just an M24 sprocket welded to a hub it is an entirely different component.  

M18 Steel track is NOT the same as M24 steel track. M24 steel track will not run on any M18 sprocket assembly 

M41 Series tank tracks, Sprockets and hubs do not fit M24 or M18

Description                 Size                       Ord. Drawing No.          Ord. Stock No.

Road Wheel              26" x 4 1/2"                  C121441                      G163-5621441     (M18 Hellcat & M24 Series)
Idler Wheel                  11" x 3"                     C136637                      G200-5636637     (M24 Series  & M41 Series Early)
Road Wheel            25 1/2" x 4 1/2"              D76489                       G251-6576489     (M41 Walker Bulldog Series)

Tracks, Sprockets, Road & Idler Wheels +

Confusion abounds on this subject. M24 Chaffee Series, M18 Hellcat Series, & even the M41 Walker Bulldog Series.

Simple answer is yes, some of these components interchange between the 3 distinct series of vehicles. Below is an item by item listing of each component. and what does and does not work. This is a M24 Chaffee web site so the end answers are not played out completely for the M18 & M41, but real close.  


Track Model No.                          Description                             Track Ord. No.         Sprocket Required to run  listed track

T72E1 Track     Steel, Center guide, parallel grouser, Single pin      D7038144               Sprocket D76210
T85E1 Track     Rubber, center guide, integral grouser                    D7074450               Sprocket D7049476