M24 Chaffee - G200 Series of Vehicles

Tabulated Data / Specifications - M19 GMC


     Cadillac     -     125   -   Produced: April - June 1945

     Massey - Harris     -     160   -   Produced: April - May 1945

     Total Production     -     285   (original order was for 904 in August of 1944)


The production number of 285 is widely publicized. I believe it could be incorrect or an alternate idea below. I show a registration number spread on actual original vehicles of 545. So at minimum we could have 545 built, if we assumed the earliest original picture of an M19 with USA 40190130 were the first and USA 40190675 was the last one built. Which would seem VERY unlikely. One would surmise that the 904 order was one contract and one set of registration numbers assigned to that order. But..... see below


The difference in Registration numbers is caused by a group of registration numbers being supplied to Cadillac and a second group of registration numbers supplied to Massey Harris. But neither of the manufacturers used all the registration numbers due to contract curtailment before the 904 vehicle production contract. I tend to believe that this the actual reason for the USA registration number discrepancy.  

     Cost Per Vehicle     -     $

Power train

  • 2 each   -   Cadillac Series 44T24, 8 cylinder, water cooled, flat head V8's, with 346 cubic inches per engine   (Similar but not the same as the Stuart M5 Series tanks)
  • 2 each   -   Hydromatic Transmissions   (Similar but not the same as the Stuart M5 Series tanks)
  • 24V electrical system


  • 00 Miles Per Hour Top Speed
  • ​30 Miles Per Hour Cruising Speed
  • Cruising Range - 60 to 125 Miles Depending on terrain
  • Fuel tank capacity 110 Gallons (two 55 gallon tanks)
  • Turning Radius - 40 Feet
  • Grade Ascending Ability (max) - 60 Percent
  • Fording Depth Max - 42 Inches
  • Width of Ditch Vehicle Will Cross (max) - 9 Feet
  • Vertical Obstacle Vehicle Will Climb - 40 inches




  • 1 - SCR-510 or AN/VRC-5 or BR19 (24-volt) Radio Set
  • Interphone RC99, if SCR510 is used - integral
  • 4 - Stations



  • 2 - 40mm Main Guns
  • 0 - Machine Guns
  • 2 - Gun, Submachine, caliber .45, M3 (Grease Gun)
  • 4 - Carbine, caliber .30, M1
  • 1 - Grenade Launcher for Carbine M8

  • 2 - 40mm  Main Guns
  • 1 - .50 caliber M2 Heavy Barell Machine Gun
  • 2 - .30 caliber M1919A4 Machine guns
  • 5 - Gun, Submachine, caliber .45, M3 (Grease Gun)
  •                                    OR
  • 4 - Gun, Submachine, caliber .45, M3 (Grease Gun) & 1 Carbine, caliber .30, M1

40mm Dual Automatic Gun M2

  • Angular rates power control, maximum:
    • Azimuth     -     -     -     40 degrees per second
    • Elevation    -     -     -     25.5 degrees per second
    • Depression, Max    -     -5 degrees
    • Elevation, Max  -     -     87 degrees    



  • 40mm - 672 Rounds   (320 rounds carried in trailer)
  • .50 Cal. - 0 Rounds
  • .30 Cal. - 480 Rounds (Carbine)
  • .45 Cal. - 420 Rounds
  • Grenades
  • Hand, WP M15   -   6ea.
  • Hand, Fragmentation, MKII   -   6ea.
  • Rifle, M9A1   -   10ea.



  • Length:  19 Feet, 1 Inches
  • Width:  9 Feet,  10 Inches
  • Height:  9 Feet, 11 Inches
  • Height to top of Hull: 5 Feet, 11 Inches
  • Weight: Fighting / Combat loaded 39,000 Lbs
  • Weight: Shipping 33,775 Lbs
  • Ground Clearance: 1 Foot, 5 3/4 Inches
  • Crew: 6

Hull Armor Thickness

  • Hull front   -   1/2 inch
  • Hull sides   -   1/2 inch
  • Hull roof   -   1/2 & 3/8 inch
  • Hull floor (Ahead of second pair of torsion springs)   -   1/2 inch
  •                (Behind second pair of torsion springs)   -   3/8 inch
  • Hull rear (tailgate thickness)   -   1/2 inch
  • Gunner's Shield
  • Front   -   1/2 inch
  • Side   -   1/4 inch
  • Ammunition container shields   -   5/16

Known USA Registration  & Serial Numbers           Italic Registration or SN is extrapolated number

ModelRegistration NumberSerial No.LocationUnit MarkingsMisc.
M19USA 401901265Arizona
MV Collector Owned - Cadillac Mfg
M19USA 40190130
Stateside3-3AA     C251Life magazine pic - No Pads
M19A1USA 40190167
Test / OrdnanceNonePads
M19A1USA 4019017049San Rafeal CA7-15 AAA   -   D12Garbarino WWII Museum
M19USA 40190189
Korean War
15th AA Batt.

USA 40190195
Korean War???   -   ???15th AA Batt. - Artillery Museum

USA 40190227
Korean War3-3AA   -   B-251Reg No is hard to read in pic
M19USA 40190231
Korean War???   -   ???Pads

USA 40190235
Korean War???   -   ???

USA 40190255
North Korea???   -   ???Captured Korean War

USA 40190260
Test / OrdnanceNonePads
M19USA 40190241
Korean War???   -   ???3rd AAA AW - Pads

USA 40190282

"Our Lady"

USA 40190293
Korean War???   -   ???

USA 40190335

USA 40190343

Battery A 94th AAA Bt. "Arthritis"

USA 40190344

59th AAA Aw Bn (Sp) January 1950
M19A1USA 40190374
Frankfurt Germany
Exercise "Combine" 1951 (Colored Unit)

USA 40190644
Test / OrdnanceNonePads

USA 40190658
Korean War

M19USA 40190675
Korean War82AA"FLAK"

2-82AA     A-111

???     B121
"Hells Angels"

General information about the M19 & M19A1 series

After reading the info provided on Wikipedia I decided I needed to step this up and get this done. The various errors and assumption by whomever wrote what is posted is appalling. If you don't know, DON"T MAKE IT UP!

 The M19 is based upon the slightly lengthened chassis of the M24 Chaffee tank. The arrangement of the internal drivetrain is different from the M24 in that the dual Cadillac engines and the transfer case that the dual engines feed into is moved forward to roughly the middle of the vehicle. This makes room for the dual 40mm turret to sit lower and allows for a vast space at the rear of the vehicle under the turret to store extra ammunition. The driver and co driver/ chief of section, sit in an enclosed area with a bulkhead directly behind the seats to divide them from the engine compartment. There is no fighting compartment in the front of the vehicle. Just two seats, drive shafts, Controlled differential (cross drive) and steel boxes for periscopes and misc other components. All major drive train components are the same. Engines, Transmissions, Controlled differential, transfer case, final drives, road wheels, and radiators. The M19 hull is thinner than the M24 and is only ½ plate over the almost the entire vehicle. The front controlled differential cover is roughly half the thickness of the M24 cover.

History of use


There is NO pictorial or paper evidence that the M19 actually saw any combat service in WWII. (I would love to be proved wrong on this). Nothing I have come across shows them in combat use before the end of hostilities in WWII. That being said the early M19s should have been built before the end of WWII.


The M19 was a major asset in Korea. A majority of the pictures show the vehicle being used in a ground defense / offense roll. The advent of the jet had made the quad 50 and the 40mm series of anti-aircraft guns somewhat diminished in their ability to do their intended rolls. The high rate of fire of 40mm projectiles was a game changer in the ability to stop the “human wave” attacks by the North Koreans & Chinese.


The M19 turret assy is NOT the same or interchangeable with the M42 duster of Vietnam fame. These turrets were not reused on the M42 duster as stated elsewhere on the net. The guns are the same and much of the mounting and controls are the same in the turret area. But are not the same complete assemblies.

The M19 was used by Pakistan in unknown numbers. They appear to be the only actual user of the M19 besides the US. Captured vehicles aside.

  •  Original fighting compartment for the 40mm guns was perfectly round. The A1 was a modification of adding two sponsons on either side of the fighting area for radios and misc communication equipment. *

Difference between the M19 & M19A1 – The M19 was the base vehicle. The M19A1 was an upgraded version of the M19 as follows

  • Addition of a small engine generator to power the turret. Originally the main engines needed to be left on to power the rotating turret.

The addition of the generator is 100% M19A1 but the added sponsons may not be part of the A1 upgrade and only a MWO (Modification Work Order). I have not seen the actual military paperwork that references what was part of the A1 upgrade or when. It does appear that the aux. generator addition is post Korean War. But the radio sponsons are pre, or during the war.


As with everything on this site I more that welcome additional information or help in clarification. I consider myself to know a great deal about the M24 Series of armored vehicles, but I don’t know it all. I will gladly acknowledge you in anything that goes on the site.  

 M19 Manuals

FM 44-62Service of the Piece - Twin 40mm Gun Motor Carriage M19September 5, 1947

ORD 9 SNL G-248Carriage, Motor, Twin 40mm Gun M19A1September 29, 1950

TM 9-125240mm Automatic Gun M1 & Dual Automatic Gun M2, Twin 40mm Gun Mount M4March 5, 1951
TM 9-7009-32 Cylinder Aux Engine - Wisconsin Model TFT & TFG - M19A1 aux generatorDecember 2, 1954
Ord Pamphlet No. 82040mm Machine Gun Mechanism, Gun Barrel, and SightOctober 1943

M19   -   Dual 40mm Gun Motor Carriage   -   G248