M24 Chaffee - G200 Series of Vehicles

About me.....

Where does it begin? People ask why I collect military vehicles and militaria. My answer has always been "I played Army to much when I was a kid". GI Joes and plastic Army men, and a trips to the local surplus store. Yeah, you know what I am talking about.... Well I started into the vehicles in 1986 with the purchase of a 1951 USMC M37. This was going to be my first vehicle, and my main mode of transportation to high school. I first started looking for a "jeep", but everything I found was out of my budget, or needed work I was not ready to do for my first vehicle. The M37 was in great shape and came with a literal bed full of spare parts.

Move along a little more and now the MV bug has got me! Looking everywhere for MVs, side streets, junk yards, road trips to no where. My weekends were spent at the park and swap buying up the WWII, Korea and Vietnam era gear, or driving around looking for old army trucks.  Then came a Ben Hur trailer, a M59 2.5 ton dump truck, M101A1 trailer...... Since 1986 I have owned over 150 military trucks, trailers, jeeps, motorcycles, APCs, halftracks and whatever else I could find. I was 100% on board with EVERYTHING must be saved. No matter what, or how bad a shape it was in. I would buy it, again, if for no other reason but to save it from scrap or being modified beyond use. History must be saved!!!

Through the 1990s and early 2000 I made buying and selling MVs and parts a little side business. Buying when the stuff was reasonable when they still had real auctions. I have made lots of truly great friends in this hobby and can honestly say 95% of the people in this hobby are great, honest, patriotic Americans that do all they can to preserve history and have fun doing it. 

I have restored (more than just paint) over 20 vehicles. Mainly the M151 series of vehicles.          Dan Parmley Jr.

Some of my restorations