M24 Chaffee - G200 Series of Vehicles

Light Tank T24E1

Light Tank T24

I don't think this one got much past the initial testing.

United States

Prototypes/Limited Production

Light Tank T24E1
 - prototype with Continental R-975-C4 engine and Spicer torque converter transmission. One vehicle was converted from the original T24 prototype and tested in October 1944. The vehicle had superior performance compared to the M24, but suffered from transmission reliability problems.

T77 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage.Had 6 .50 caliber machine guns mounted in a new designed turret.

T9, T13 Utility vehicles.

T22E1, T23E1, T33 Cargo carriers.

T42, T43 Cargo tractors.Based on the T33, the T42 had a torque converter transmission from the M18 Hellcat. The M43 was a lightened version of the T42.

T9.Had bulldozer kit installed.

T6E1 Tank recovery vehicle.The M38 Wolfhound prototype armored car was experimentally fitted with an M24 turret.Additional Equipment

M4 Earth Moving Tank Mounting Bulldozer. Bulldozer kit for the M24 series.

T38 - 4.2 inch Mortar Carrier (based on M37 HMC)

German Hanomag halftrack Suspension modification

Other Countries 


AMX-13 - Modifications both ways, Chaffee Turret on an AMX-13 hull assembly, and a AMX-13 Turret on a Chaffee Hull Assembly.

     It would appear the Chaffee Turret on the AMX hull was "successful" to some degree as their are many pictures showing the modified vehicles in service, not just proving ground type pictures.


These tanks ARE NOT M24 based. But by way of the internet or other means have been labeled "M24 based". I would consider anything M24 Series based as using M24 series tracks as a first criteria, then using the same cross drive/differential as a second level of definition.

T5E1 Wrecker (Cargo Tractor) - This is running T37 / M41 walker bulldog series track and final drive system


T43E1 Wrecker (Cargo Tractor) - This is running T37 / M41 walker bulldog series track and final drive system

Multiple .50 caliber Gun Motor Carriage T77

M24 Series Prototypes and experimental vehicles

If you look at the spectrum of the prototypes of the M24 series many things can be seen. There are multiple crazy and fanciful ideas just for simple test beds. These obviously had great influence on many of the vehicles 5, 10 & 15 years later. The M41 Walker Bulldog series would or could almost be called an M24A1. Well maybe they are not that close but, one could say that the everything on the M41 is just one more step up from the Chaffee. 

Also included are the foreign modifications of the M24 or parts there of. Very interesting  ideas.