M3 Cupola Mount

M3 (K7993247) Cupola Mount
Caliber .50 M2 on M24 Light Tank (1952)
This mount was developed by reworking the D90095 Commander's Vision Cupola. The K7993247 was approximately 200 to 250 pounds lighter than the 7952500 Cupola Mount Assembly.
The K7993247 had blind tapped holes with internal bolts. The pilot diameter was 29.25 inches, and the bolt circle 30.50 inches. Features of the K7993247 and the 7952500 were incorporated into the design of the K7393390 Cupola Mount. The mounting dimensions of the 7952500, the lightweight, and the vision blocks of the K7993247 were all incorporated into the design of this later development in 1954.

M24 Chaffee - G200 Series of Vehicles