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From 1950, Belgium received 223 M24 CHAFFEE tanks as US military aid. The first were integrated into the units in November 1950. The pelotonde recognition of 1 ° Guides and 3 ° Lanciers included 9 until June 1, 1951 date when this number was reduced to 2. The other tank units, 1 ° and 2 ° Lanciers, 1 ° and 4 ° Heavy Tank Battalion, also had 2 from that date. The 1st mounted chasseurs received 51 to equip its three reconnaissance squadrons from November 1950. The 1st and 4th Reconnaissance Squadrons, formed on June 1st, 1951, and the Issut of the 1st Chch, kept seven. The 20th Armored Cavalry Regiment, formed from May 15, 1952, and dissolved on February 1, 1957, contained 23 in each of its units, active with the 2nd mounted chasseurs, Reserve with the 3rd and 4th Chasseurs on horseback. Another reserve unit, the 5th Chasseurs on horseback also received from February 1, 1953 to May 1, 1961. The reconnaissance squads of the 4 cycling battalions also received 2. The CHAFFEE were replaced in 1958 by M41 WALKER BULLDOG , but they continued their career in the reserve units until at least 1968.


M24 Chaffee - G200 Series of Vehicles