M24 Chaffee - G200 Series of Vehicles

The M41 being of very limited production, lended itself to also being very limited in use. But that being said the 92nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion was a prolific user of the M41 in Korea. The 92nd has a fabulous website with great historical references and great personal accounts of the Korean war. Click the link below to visit their website. Many of the M41 pictures shown here are via the 92nd. 



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999th Field Artillery Battalion. Korea January 1951
Battery A 92nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion, 8th Army. Firing Adjusting rounds near Kumhwa 8th June1952
7th Infantry Division near Sinhung, Korea, Protecting the perimeter around the seaport city of Hamhung during the withdrawal of the 1st Marine Division from the Chosen Resevoir. 2nd December 1950
Battery B, No. 4 Gun 999th Armored Field Artillery Battalion, 8th Army near Yanggau, Korea, 23rd February 1952

Far Right is CPL Andrew L Williams, Doro, AL

Battery A, 96th Field Artillery Battalion, near Yanggau, Korea, 25th June 1951

Lt General William M. Hoge commanding General US Army IX corps, holds the lanyard that will fire the 75,000th shell to be fired by the corps since the start of the conflict. Brig General William N. Gilmore, Commanding General Corps Artillery stands to the right of General Hoge. This was also the end of the first year of fighting in Korea.