M24 Chaffee - G200 Series of Vehicles

Model               Description                SNL

M24   -           Light Tank, 75mm Gun           -   G200

M37   -   Howitzer Motor Carriage, 105mm   -   G238

M19   -    Gun Motor Carriage, Dual 40mm    -   G248

M41   -   Howitzer Motor Carriage, 155mm   -   G236

This site is dedicated to the American soldier.

Allowing those of us preserving military history,by saving these vehicles from destruction, to give back for your sacrifice.

My hope is this site becomes the base for all owners, museums, mechanics and others keeping these vehicles alive and running. Please forward whatever information you can, especially pictures. Feel free to send me content and tell me when information may be wrong or need clarification.

I will endeavor to have a section with parts crossovers for seals, bearings, and related to aid in restoration.

M24 LT   -   M37 HMC   -   M19 GMC   -   M41 HMC